Angelina Jolie battling on through

Angelina Jolie has finally resurfaced to the limelight again since September when she divorced her short time partner Brad Pitt. As usual she was in her high mood and was choosing to keep it natural with minimal make up on her face.

The 41 year old actress’ appearance was virtually on recorded video at The Hague (Netherlands). This response was in support of an ongoing children policy. She stated that children need more than they get from the society so far, and the courts should administer law effectively to ensure children rights are well safe guarded.

All this dramatic comeback of Jolie went a step ahead to bring up ascertainment that Pitt was clear of abusing any of their six adopted children at the time of their marriage. It even cropped out that the custodian issue between Jolie and Pitt was already in their personal plans.

This was after a previous request by Pitt for joint only seems like this is the start of another Jolie drama. All we have is time to wait and see how everything turns up this time round.

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